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About Us

Our Mission
The mission of Easley Combined Utilities is to provide a reliable supply of water, wastewater, and electrical service, at the best possible value, to the residents of Easley, South Carolina, and surrounding areas.

About Easley Combined Utilities
From the very start - over 90 years ago - the citizens of Easley have exercised control over their utility systems. Even at the turn of the century, our community's residents and businesses have had a voice in the management and operation of their utilities, ensuring that the city of Easley remains an excellent place to live and work.

The Easley City Water and Light Plant was created in 1911 with an original bond issue of about $9,500. The city's first electricity supply was generated in 1912 to operate pumps at the water treatment plant. Several years later, the first distribution system was built to supply electricity to Easley's downtown area. In 1927, an underground lighting system - known as the Whiteway Arc Circuit - was installed and remained in use until the late 1950s.

In 1953, a bond ordinance was adopted, bringing together the city's water and electric systems under the Combined Utility System of the City of Easley. A few years later, the sewage collection system also became a part of the Combined Utility System.

Today, the Easley Combined Utilities remains a vital part of our growing community, serving some 14,500 residential and commercial customers. We're not a faceless corporation; you see us every day. Our employees shop in the same stores, belong to the same organizations and live in the same neighborhoods as the customers we serve. And because we're committed to improving the quality of life of our community, ECU makes numerous contributions to help fund much-needed community projects.

Easley Combined Utilities is a citizen-created, not-for-profit, locally owned and locally controlled utility. That means our customers have access to and influence over the local utility commission that oversees utility policies. Our own elected officials make decisions about utility policy matters, not some corporate board located across the country or on the other side of the world.

As we embark on a new century, ECU is looking forward to powering your future - and the future of the new generations of Easley citizens- for decades to come. In the years ahead, we'll maintain our hometown commitment to you by providing neighborly service, low rates, community service and benefits to all.

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