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Meter Reading
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Commercial Service
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Fees and Deposits
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Underground Electric

2015 Rates
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Customer Service

Payment Options
Easley Combined offers several ways for customers to pay their utility bills each month.

  • Mail your payment along with the bill stub before the due date to PO Box 619, Easley, SC 29641

  • Drop payments in the night-drop at our office at 110 Peachtree Street

  • Pay by credit card by filling in the information on the bill stub and mailing it in, have your credit card charged automatically each month, or at our office at 110 Peachtree Street

  • Have your bank account drafted each month on the day the bill is due

  • You are also welcome to come by the office at 110 Peachtree Street and pay in the lobby or through the drive-thru window

  • Access and pay your account online.

Billing and Collection Procedures of the System
Before establishing service, all utility customers must sign an agreement with the Commission. A credit report is obtained on residential customers. Depending on the results of the credit report, residential customers may be required to pay a $200 deposit. All residential customers are required to pay a connection fee of $40. Commercial customers are required to make a deposit equal to two months’ bills but not less than $200 and pay a connection fee of $40.
The Commission has eighteen billing cycles, which include 84 routes. All billing cycles are read each month. After the meters are read, bills are produced and mailed within two days. Payment for bills rendered are due approximately 15 days after they are mailed. A late fee of 4% is charged to balances remaining after the due date. Approximately 2 days after the due date, a notice is sent to the customer. Three days after the notice is mailed services are cutoff until the account is paid in full. A reconnection fee of $40 must be paid together with the past due amount and any late charges before service is restored.

Pursuant to the SC Setoff Debt Collection Act, ECU may collect any sum due and owed by a customer through offset of a customers state income tax refund. If you have questions regarding the Setoff Debt Collection process, please contact Customer Service. customerservice@easleyutilities.com

Equalized Payment Plan
To ease the burden of seasonally high energy bills, ECU offers an average billing program called the Equal Payment Plan. Payment amounts will be the same for 11 months, so there aren’t any surprises when the temperature or consumption is extreme. Enrollment is easy. Check to see if you are eligible by looking at the list below and give our billing department a call to enroll.

To Be Eligible for EPP

  • The customer must have residential electric service for a minimum of one year.

  • The account must have a zero balance prior to plan enrollment.

  • Customer must agree to pay the calculated bill assigned by our staff, which is based on the average of the previous year’s consumption divided by 11 months, and may take into account any known increases in rates or supply costs.

  • Payments cannot be skipped even if customer has a credit balance.

  • Account must be settled up at the end of each twelve month period following enrollment.

  • Late payments will be subject to a 4% penalty as applied to all other customers.

  • The customer must own their house.

For more information about the Equal Payment Plan, call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 864/859-4013 or billing@easleyutilities.com.
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