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Easley Combined Utilites owns and operates the Don L. Moore Water Treatment Plant. This plant is a state-of-the-art conventional water treatment facility that can treat a maximum of 12.0 MGD. The water system is under the jurisdiction of SCDHEC with regard to the quality of water sold to customers. The water treatment facility has a State certified lab and has met all requirements for State reporting in the past.

Water System
  • Saluda Lake
    • 475 acre lake located adjacent to the City of Greenville
    • Impounds the Saluda River which flows on through the state into Lake Greenwood and Lake Murray
    • Formerly owned by Duke Power Company then sold to North Brook Energies LLC
    • Avg. depth of the lake = 22.7 feet; maximum depth at the dam = 36 feet
    • Length = 1.5 miles; elevation = 849 feet
  • 30" main connects plant with distribution system
  • Distribution system includes
    • 406 miles of distribution lines serving approx 40.2 square miles
    • 7.18 MG storage capacity (3.78 MG elevated, 3.4 MG ground)
  • Supplemental Water Supply - Contract with Greenville Water System ("GWS")
    • Current plant capacity is 12 MGD with peak demands of 15 MGD
    • GWS provides supplemental water during heavy use through a 24" main running off GWS’s 72" main which intersects ECU’s service area
  • Construction on phase 2 to expand the Don L. Moore WTP to 24 MGD is set to begin at the end of 2006 with completion in 2008.
  • Current projects underway are a 5 MG ground level storage tank and a 1 MG elevated storage tank which will serve to provide water for generations to come. In addition, several water distribution lines are planned.
Customer Base
  • Approximately 13,190 retail customers
    • 68% of customers reside within the city limits
    • 90% of customers are residential customers
    • Sales for fiscal year 2006 of almost 300 million cubic feet, or 2.1 billion gallons
    • Revenues for fiscal year 2006 of $5.8 million
  • Average bill for an inside city resident based on 1000 cf is $25.57
Wholesale Customers
  • ECU provides water to four area water districts through a 20 year wholesale water contract
    • Powdersville Water Company, Southside Water Company, Dacusville/Cedar Rock Water Company, and Easley/Central Water District
    • In fiscal year 2006, these districts accounted for approx 46% of water sales by volume
    • Providing a reliable source of water to these areas was crucial to the decision to expand the existing plant

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