Easley Combined Utilities is committed to a third party notification system for its electric customers. The intent of this program is to offer our customers the opportunity to have a third party notified in the event of disconnection of electric service due to non-payment of bills.

Customers wishing to take advantage of this system must complete this form in its entirety and return it to PO Box 619, Easley SC 29641. By submitting this form, the customer authorizes the Utility to release his/her utility account information to any or all of the parties listed by the customer below. The customer also assumes the responsibility to notify Easley Combined Utilities of any changes to the contact information listed on this form.

In the event that service for the above utility account is scheduled for disconnection, Easley Combined Utilities will call the telephone numbers for the customer and the third-party listed on the Third-Party Notification Form to notify them of the Utility’s intention to disconnect the customer’s service.

This form relates to electric service and the Easley Combined Utilities reserves the right to disconnect any other service for which payment is past due.

In the event that Easley Combined Utilities attempts to notify the account holder (customer) and the authorized third party listed below and unable to reach any or all parties, Easley Combined Utilities will continue with service disconnection as scheduled.

This form must be renewed annually by December 31st to ensure service continuity.

Authorized Third Party:

Customer Authorization:

I understand and agree to the terms listed herein and authorize Easley Combined Utilities to notify the above authorized third party as to the status of payment or non-payment of my Easley Combined Utilities account. I further understand that failure of the Easley Combined Utilities, upon reasonable attempt described here, to notify me or the authorized third party will not preclude the Easley Combined Utilities from disconnecting my electric service.