Customer Information:

This Agreement, when signed by the consumer shall become a contract, under which ECU agrees to furnish Water, Wastewater and/or Electric service(s) to the location listed above. The below signed Consumer agrees to be responsible for receipt and payment of bills for these services. (Note: Failure to receive a monthly bill does not relieve Consumer of payment responsibility. If a bill is not received, the Consumer should contact the ECU office before the due date for a duplicate.)

It is further agreed that ECU reserves the right to discontinue service(s) if the Consumer breaches the contract. If service is involuntarily disconnected for cause, the Consumer agrees to pay all outstanding bills and any applicable reconnection fee for service to be restored. Additional deposits and late fees may also be required before reconnection. Warrants will be taken on services found to be tampered with.

I authorize ECU to verify this information on the application to include requesting reports from credit reporting agencies. I am aware that this information will be used to determine my deposit requirements.

By signing this application for service, the applicant agrees to pay all costs of collection of the applicant's unpaid bill.

I have read and understand the conditions of this contract and agree to accept the terms as stated.