Credit Application Contact:

If you are a vendor, and you are requesting Easley Combined Utilities to complete a credit application, please forward the necessary application and/or forms to asevic@easleyutilities.com.

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Infrastructure Grant Program

Th ECU Infrastructure Grant Program is targeted for commercial businesses that are rehabilitating existing buildings in the Tax Increment Financing District of the City of Easley. 

Goal:  It is the policy of Easley Combined Utilities to require commercial customers to pay the cost of installation and/or replacement of the electric, water, and sewer infrastructure from existing ECU utility facilities to the commercial structure being served.  It is the goal and intent of this program that grant proceeds be used to defray the cost of these expenses. 

Grant proceeds cannot be used to pay any capital contribution charges, utility deposits, or account activation fees. 

Annual Grant Amount:  Total amount of funds dispersed through the grant program in a calendar year will be $50,000. Total amount of funds that will be dispersed for any one project or building will be $10,000.

Application:  To apply for the funds a customer must submit the following to the General Manager of ECU at jledbetter@easleyutilities.com.

  • A letter describing the project rehabilitation and business to be opened
  • A conceptual design of the renovated building
  • A site map that identifies the location of the existing customer owned utility facilities and ECU owned utility facilities
  • A detailed description of the utility facilities that need to be upgraded, and any new utility facilities that will be needed
  • An estimate of the cost of the rehabilitated utility facilities and an estimate of the cost of any new utility facilities
  • Confirmation that all requirements of the building and zoning regulations of the City of Easley has been met
  • A schedule of construction activities and business opening date

Grant Awards:  Grant awards will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis to all qualifying projects.  All decisions concerning the award of the grant will be final.

Scholarship Opportunity

ECU will award four (4) $500.00 scholarships to eligible Easley High School candidates.  To be eligible, an applicant's parent or legal guardian must be on ECUs' electric service from the time of application through graduation.  The application deadline is February 28,2022.  Click the following link for further information.

Scholarship Packet