Load Management Program (LMP)Load Management Program

Easley Combined Utilities’ Load Management Program is used to help reduce wholesale electric cost when the demand for electricity is at its peak. It will also delay the need to construct additional electrical generation, which will save money and reduce the environmental impact on the planet.

The program works by reducing the amount of energy needed during peak hours. Peak hours are when the energy usage by ECU customers is the highest. By installing a load management device (LMD) on a customer’s HVAC unit, ECU will be able to turn the compressor off for a short period during peak hours, while leaving the HVAC fan running. Keeping the HVAC fan running insures that the customer’s comfort will not be impacted.

By controlling the operation of the compressor, energy usage during the peak times will be reduced and ECU costs for electricity during peak hours will be reduced. In addition, since generation requirements are based on peak hour’s energy usage, future generation construction will be delayed.

Participants in the program will begin to save money immediately on their power usage. Upon sign up and installation of the LMD, the customer will receive a one-time $20 account credit and will be placed on the ECU Load Management Program Residential Rate, which is a discount off the ECU Residential Rate.

Please visit our Load Management Program FAQs page for more valuable information regarding this program.

To sign up for the Load Management Program visit our Load Management Program Sign Up page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible?

A. The program is designed for residential customers that have a central HVAC unit. To participate in the program you need to be the homeowner, or if a renter, get the homeowner to sign up.

Q. What information do I need to sign up?

A. We will need your name, address, phone number, email address and your ECU account number. Visit the LMP Sign Up page to sign up.

Q. How does the program work?

A. The program works by ECU installing an LMD on the HVAC unit of a residential customer. During times of peak demand, the LMD will be activated and will cycle off the compressor of the HVAC unit. The compressor will be turned off for a maximum of 8 minutes and will remain on for a minimum of 24 min. The fan of the HVAC unit will remain operating to insure that the customer’s comfort will not be impacted. Cycling off the HVAC compressor of participating customers will reduce the energy requirements of ECU during peak hours and will reduce wholesale power costs.

Q. What are the times of load management?

A. The load management program will only be activated in the hours when ECU predicts that it will hit its peak energy usage. The peak hours of energy usage will typically occur on a weekday during the months of June, July and August from 2 pm to 6 pm.

In a normal year, load management will typically be activated for a total of 15 hours over these three months.

Q. Will this program lower my monthly power bill?

A. Yes. Savings are immediate with a one-time $20 account credit upon sign up and LMD installation. You will also be placed on the preferred ECU Load Management Program Residential Rate.

Q. Are there other benefits?

A. In addition to the financial benefits this program provides environmental benefits by delaying the construction of future power plants.

Q. Can I request a Load management device if I am not the homeowner?

A. If you are a renter, the homeowner must consent to the installation of the LMD. The homeowner will receive the one-time $20 credit. However, you will be placed on the Load Management Program Residential Rate.

Q. Who can I contact with questions?

A. Call a customer service representative at 864-859-4013 or email us at energysavers@easleyutilities.com.