Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a free service that makes balancing your budget easier by providing equal payments so you will know exactly how much you pay each month.

How It Works

  • Your payment is calculated on the average of the previous year’s utility charges multiplied by 1.10 (which accounts for any known increases in rates or supply costs).
  • You pay 11 months of equal payments with a settle-up on the 12th month. If you have used more energy or water than you paid, we will bill you the difference. If you’ve paid for more than you’ve used, we will issue you a check. Your future budget billing plan will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Your monthly bill will show your actual current charges, account balance, and your Budget Billing payment amount. You simply pay your Budget Billing amount each month.


  • You are a residential customer with 12 months of good payment history at the same location.
  • Your account must have a zero balance prior to plan enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I skip a payment if I have a credit balance?
A. No. You still have to make your monthly Budget Billing payment regardless of a credit balance.

Q. What if I pay late or miss a payment?
A. Budget Billing payments must be made by the due date to avoid being disconnected for non-payment and potentially being removed from Budget Billing. Your account will be subject to a 4% penalty, as applied to all other customer, if payment is not received by the due date.

Q. Can I get payment assistance?
A. No. Budget Billing is designed to help customers predetermine their monthly payment so you know how much to budget for each month.

For more information on Budget Billing, call (864) 859-4013 and select option 3 or email our billing department at billing@easleyutilities.com.

Automatic Draft Payment

The Automatic Bank Draft program saves you time by doing the work of paying your monthly utility bill on time for you.  It's free to sign up and you can elect to discontinue at any time.  Once you enroll, your bank account or credit card is drafted for the amount of your monthly utility bill on the due date.  You will continue to receive your bill each month which will indicate either "Auto Bank Draft" or "Auto Credit Card" in the Billing Summary.

Enrollment is quick and easy (At this time, Automatic Draft Payment is unavailable online).
Instructions for Automatic Draft Payment with a Checking or Savings Account:

Step 1: Print out a copy of the Automatic Bank Draft Form
Step 2: Complete the form and return it with a voided check (checking) or withdrawal slip (savings) to:
Customer Service
Easley Combined Utilities
PO Box 619
Easley SC  29641
Instructions for Automatic Draft Payment with a credit card:
Option 1:
Call Easley Combined Utilities @ 864.859.4013 and select Option 3.  A customer service representative will be glad to assist you over the phone.
Option 2:
Stop by our office located at 110 Peachtree St and a customer service representative will assist you.

If you discontinue your service with Easley Combined Utilities, the final bill will be drafted unless you inform us otherwise.

Payment Assistance

There are times when due to financial constraints, a customer may be unable to pay for their utility bill. Pickens County has several non-profit organizations that offer emergency utility assistance should the need arise. Below are several organizations that provide this service. Please be aware that Easley Combined Utilities supports these organizations but has no affiliation with these organizations and has no bearing over decisions in regards to assistance with utility bills.

Click on the links provided for more information about these organizations.

SHARE – Sunbelt Human Advancement Resources
1725 E Main St
Easley SC 29640
(864) 859-2989

UCM – United Christian Ministries
303 Dacusville Hwy
Easley SC 29640
(864) 677-1134

The Salvation Army
102 Stewart Dr
Easley SC 29640
(864) 855-6408