Rental lights will only be installed on request from property owner with a signed Easley Combined Utilities agreement.

  1. Property owner agrees to pay rental on light for two years from date of first billing of rental light.
  2. Applicant will give instructions as to the location of the fixture. Customer agrees to pay the cost of any relocation of the fixture after the initial installation.
  3. Applicant will be responsible for any damages due to willful or malicious destruction, and agrees to pay for repair or replacement of fixture.
  4. Easley Combined Utilities agrees to repair or service this light during working hours only.

Number of Lights Monthly Rental Light Rates

L718 - 64 W LED Roadway Luminaire


L720 - 50 W LED with refractor (equivalent to 250 W HPS)


L721 - 50 W LED without refractor (equivalent to 100 W HPS)


L701 - 100 W HPS – American Revolution


L710 - 100 W HPS Acorn


L705 – 250 W HPS Flood Light


L706 - 250 W MH Flood Light


L707 – 400 W HPS Flood Light


L708 - 400 W MH Flood Light


L702 - 1000 W MH Flood Light