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The mission of Easley Combined Utilities (ECU) is set forth in our Mission Statement:

Easley Combined Utilities is to provide a reliable supply of water, wastewater, and electrical service at the best possible value to the customers of Easley, South Carolina and surrounding areas.

The Mission Statement is further refined into ECU’s Business Objective:

Easley Combined Utilities exists to provide high quality electric, water, and wastewater services to our customers and be a source of information on utility issues. This resource will be provided by a trained and professional work force and used as a catalyst of economic growth for the city.

Operating Strategies

The Business Objectives drive our Operating Strategies that our employees undertake every day. All of ECU’s daily activities are guided by and fall under one of four operating strategies:

Financial – ECU is to be financially healthy, solvent and fiscally sound now and into the future.
Customer Service – ECU is to be the provider of choice for utility services and the best in class to meet or exceed customer expectations.
Human Resources – ECU is to be the employer of choice for the area.
Customer Growth – ECU is to encourage, influence, accommodate, and be positioned for growth in a managed, economic fashion.

ECU Commission

Our Commission

Easley Combined Utilities (ECU) is a municipally owned utility, established under the laws of the state of South Carolina. ECU is governed by a three member Commission of Public Works. Each member of the Commission serves a six year term that are staggered with respect to the starting date of each term. One commission seat is up for election every two years. To qualify for a commission seat the candidate must be a resident of the City of Easley.

The Commission has the authority and responsibility to hire the General Manager, to set rates and charges for utility service, to approve budgets, to set regulations for the operation of the utility, and to plan for future utility expansion. If the Commission determined that system expansion is needed, the Commission will petition the City of Easley to pass a revenue bond ordinance authorizing the City to borrow money for utility system expansion.

From the very start - over 100 years ago - the citizens of Easley have exercised control over their utility system through election of commissioners. Easley Combined Utilities is a citizen-created, not-for-profit, locally owned and locally controlled utility. As we enter into our second century of service, our community's residents and businesses still have a voice in the management and operation of their utilities, ensuring that the city of Easley remains an excellent place to live and work.

Commission Meetings

Regular Commission meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in the conference room of Easley Combined Utilities at 110 Peachtree Street, Easley, SC.

January 8  |  Minutes
February 7 | Commission Planning Meeting Minutes
February 12  |  Minutes
March 11  |  Minutes
April 8  |  No Meeting
May 6 | Special Called Meeting Agenda
May 13  |  Minutes
June 10  |  Agenda
July 8  |  Submit a Request
August 12  |  Submit a Request
September 9  |  Submit a Request
October 14  |  Submit a Request
November 11  |  Submit a Request
December 9  |  Submit a Request
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How to Identify ECU Workers

Today’s world is filled with people trying to get your personal information to use for their benefit. At Easley Combined Utilities, we take the privacy of our customers’ personal information very seriously. We train our employees on how to properly keep that information secure and use the latest software to make sure the information we receive is kept safe.

In Person (Field Workers)
We Do:

Have our logo on our vehicles.

Wear uniforms that prominently display our logo.

Carry a company ID badge with photo.

Have contractors display a magnetic logo on their vehicle while working for us.

We Don’t:
Collect money or ask for financial information in the field.
Enter homes or businesses to perform electrical or plumbing work.

Identification on the Telephone & by Email

On the Telephone
We Do:
Identify ourselves and our company when calling customers.
Ask you to verify the last four digits of your SSN if you are inquiring about an account or making a payment.
Ask for personal identification information when applying for service.


We Don’t:
Call you asking for financial information or verification of your SSN.

By Email
We Do:
Send bill notices and confirmations based on your account preferences.


We Don’t:
Ask you to verify financial information or your SSN.
For Your Safety and Security
When in doubt, call our office at 864-859-4013 and speak to a customer service representative about your concern.

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