ECU fulfills its Mission in the delivery of electric service by owning and operating six electrical substations. These substations deliver power at a voltage of 12.47 kV and serve 25 circuits. The circuits run for a total of 394 miles and serve 14,000 customers. The 394 miles of circuits consist of 248 miles of overhead line and 146 miles of underground line.

Seventeen electrical lineman maintain the substations and circuits that provide highly reliable electricity to ECU customers. See Electric Reliability Statistics for reliability results. 

Want to see how our rates compared to others around the state?  Check out the charts below:

Power Supply

ECU’s power supply is provided by the Piedmont Municipal Power Agency (PMPA). PMPA is a joint action agency made up of ten cities is the upstate that purchased a 25% share of Catawba Nuclear Station Unit 2, which provides 277 MW of capacity output. ECU also has an entitlement from the Southeastern Power Administration (SEPA) that provides hydro-electric generation. Any power supply requirements above what is provided by PMPA and SEPA is provided by Santee Cooper through a supplemental power supply arrangement between PMPA and Santee Cooper. ECU’s generation mix is 82% nuclear power, 10% natural gas and 8% hydro-electric. ECU is proud to say that is has no coal fired generation in its generation mix.

Please click here for Easley Combined Utilities' Integrated Resource Plan.  

Electric System Reliability

To measure system performance, the electric utility industry has developed several measures of reliability. These indices known as SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI, and ASAI, include measures of outage duration, frequency of outages, system availability, and response time. Below are the reliability indices for the Easley Combined Utilities electric system. This information is maintained monthly by our GIS department.

2013 0.93 0.95 0.98 99.989%
2014 0.63 0.59 1.06 99.993%
2015 1.14 0.82 1.38 99.987%
2016 1.30 0.95 1.36 99.985%
2017 1.83 1.42 1.29 99.979%
2018 1.31 1.39 0.95 99.985%
2019 0.66 0.72 0.92 99.993%
2020 2.19 1.73 1.27 99.975%
2021 1.27 1.36 .94 99.985%

SAIDI: System Average Interruption Duration Index or, on average, the amount of time the electric system was out of service during the year, in hours. (The lower the better).

SAIFI: System Average Interruption Frequency Index or the average number of outages a customer experienced in that year. (The lower the better).

CAIDI: Customer Average Interruption Duration Index or, if a customer experienced an outage that year, the average length of time the customer was out of power, in hours. (The lower the better).

ASAI: Average System Availability Index or the percentage of time the electric system was available for service in the year. (The higher the better).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does ECU get its power?

A. ECU gets the majority of its power from the Piedmont Municipal Power Agency (PMPA). Easley along with nine (9) other upstate cities own a 25% share of the Catawba Nuclear Station Unit #2. Any power needs that PMPA cannot provide to ECU is provided by Santee Cooper. Santee Cooper power is generated by burning natural gas. ECU also has a hydroelectric generation entitlement from the Southeastern Power Administration. A breakdown of ECU’s power by fuel source is as follows:

Nuclear (Catawba) 82%
Natural Gas (Santee Cooper) 10%
Hydroelectric (SEPA) 8%

ECU is proud to say it does not have any coal fired generation in our portfolio.

Power Supply Info Graphic

Q. Does Easley Combined Utilities allow residential solar systems on its electric system?

A. Easley Combined Utilities encourages the responsible use of electricity and does have a residential solar program. Customers wishing to install their own “Customer Owned Renewable Generation” system can be seamlessly integrated with our electric system. They will then be compensated for their excess generations above their own load. For more information, please access our Net Metering Policy or call our office at 864-859-4013.

Q. Is Easley Combined Utilities responsible if an electric outage causes damage to my appliances?

A. Unless the damages are caused by negligence on the part of ECU, the homeowner is responsible. When the damage is caused by an act of nature – such as storms, wind or lightning, or animals – Easley Combined Utilities is not responsible. Please check with your insurance company to see if these types of losses are covered by your policy.

If you believe ECU was involved in a negligent act that caused damage to your property, please call customer service at 864-859-4013. Submittal of a claim is not a guarantee of payment.

Q. If there is an issue with my electric service, who is responsible for the repair?

A. Overhead Service - Easley Combined Utilities is responsible for the primary electric lines, the transformer and the service line to the customer’s weatherhead at the top of the mast. Once the service enters the weatherhead, the customer is responsible from this point on, including the meter base.

Residential Underground Service - Easley Combined Utilities is responsible for the primary electric lines, the transformer, and the service line to the meter base. The customer is responsible for the meter base and exposed conduit. See illustration.

Commercial Underground Service - Easley Combined Utilities is responsible for the transformer only.  The commercial customer is responsible for the underground secondary service line.

Q. What are smart meters?

A.To learn about smart meters, click here.

Q. What area do you service with electricity?

A. To see a map of our electric service area, click here. For questions regarding our service area, please email us at mapping@easleyutilities.com.

Policies, Forms, Requirements

Electric Safety Tips

  • Have a qualified electrical contractor inspect your home to be sure it is properly grounded.
  • Never stand in water or on a damp floor when using electrical appliances and never put electrical parts in water.
  • When resetting circuit breakers, don’t stand on a damp floor.
  • Do not use an appliance if the cord is frayed.
  • Never insert metal objects, like knives or forks in your toaster or an outlet.
  • Never replace fuses with a copper penny or wrap one in aluminum foil.
  • Be sure to keep space heaters clear of anything flammable, such as curtains or bed linens.
  • Unplug appliances when not in use – Do not pull the cord, pull the plug.
  • Cover seldom used outlets with well-fitting safety plugs.
  • Never leave light bulb sockets empty. Replace burned out lights immediately.
  • Prevent Overloads

For more tips on electrical safety click check out the Electric Safety Foundation Institute at www.esfi.org.